About Me

What you are about to read could be the biggest bunch of BS in history, or . . . you may identify with some of the things I went through on my way to doing my first Ironman in under 12 hours.  Either way, I try not to take this stuff too seriously, but sometimes it’s hard, because it’s serious work.

I grew up in Wisconsin and my favorite source for journalism is the Onion.  I love to explore ideas and concepts that question mainstream thinking.  I can be sarcastic and a dreamer, but I am very serious about becoming a better athlete and person.

I have been posting random thoughts and observations nearly every day since I signed up to race Ironman Wisconsin 2013.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes and said a lot of dumb things, but I’m not hiding or running away, I am learning.  Wisconsin is in the books and my sights are now set on Louisville 2014 and an age group shot at Kona.

I live in Nashville and started this running at 48 years old.  A 5k in March of 2012 turned into 140.6 miles as a fifty-year-old at Ironman Wisconsin.  

I did a few runs, then tried a sprint triathlon, followed by an Olympic (in which I nearly drowned).  Now I’ve finished two 1/2’s and a Full.

I have recorded this entire journey at CrushingIron.com and it has helped me understand training, work through mental fatigue, and introduce me to a world of great people.  I have experienced deep changes and am slowly eliminating the limits from my life.  In just over a year I have made major strides in compulsive behaviors, addictions, and rekindled a genuine belief in myself.beforeafter

When not training I used to love playing drums.  Now I like writing, shooting stills and video, editing, and floating in my above ground pool.  I should also note that I am a huge Wisconsin Badger fan.

I hope you enjoy the blog.
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Please feel free to drop me or my dog a line at mtarrolly@gmail.com.matisseraginmouth

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Heyns

    Thanks for following my blog! I hope you find it beneficial, I look forward to following your journey and witnessing the power of motivation that is so infectious! Good luck!

  2. Mrs H

    Thanks for the follow! Wow – ironman. Deep respect. My little sprint triathlon feels hard enough – ironman is a whole new ballgame. Good luck!

    1. crushingiron Post author

      Thanks. And trust me, my “little sprint triathlon” felt like a HUGE deal to me. I loved it so much. More than doing any of the three by themselves. I got hooked and now I’m in deep! Ha… I’m loving it. Good luck to you as well.

    1. Mike Post author

      Thanks for dropping in. Hope you do enjoy following as much as I’m enjoying the journey. Keep rockin’ it yourself.

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    All the very best for the rest of 2013 & beyond Mike. Look forward to hearing from you…

    (PS. Mike, again, should you follow back, I’ll be mentioning you ‘Including Your Website’ in a ‘Stand Alone’ #FollowFriday #Shoutout this Friday!)



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