So My Buddy Said . . . #IMLOU

Something happened to me yesterday and my buddy, C*, noticed.  We’re texting back and forth and I’m all engaged about the races we have scheduled and he simply said, “You are on a roll today, Mike**.  Welcome back.”

First of all, I was glad he noticed.  Secondly, he is sort of right.

Things I did yesterday that seem to be pointing in the right direction:

1.  Renewed my USAT card2.  Signed up for REV3 Knoxville
3.  Booked a hotel for REV3
4.  Booked a hotel for Chattanooga (this was actually Wednesday and for spectating IMCHATT, but still)
5.  Changed my Facebook header to a scene from IM Louisville.
6.  Thought seriously about signing up for the Chattanooga Waterfront Tri.
7.  Thought about signing up for the ADPI sprint in Murfreesboro.

I should have pulled the trigger on #IMLOU.  I don’t know what I’m waiting for, but something is telling me to wait.  Maybe it’s because I’ve dropped 500 bucks in two days and don’t even have a kit to wear this season.

Since yesterday, there is now a total of 6 people I know, J, C,***, W, M, K, and me, are all signed up for Rev 3 Knoxville.  Last year it was a beast and I’m hoping the weather is even rougher this time because it really made me tough.  But obviously not tough enough to sign up for Louisville . . . yet.

* A lot of weirdos have been sniffing around my blog lately, so I’m protecting the names of my friends.

** I’m not hiding, however.

*** Not the real JC, but technically they are related.

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