New Years Resolutions Start Now

New Year’s Day sounds logical for a new beginning, but that’s always seemed like a cop out.  I mean, what’s the wait?  Today is here, why not today?

It’s easy for me to say.

The truth is, many of us spend our lives talking about “when” we’re gonna change or start a new project, eat better, etc.  Then it becomes tomorrow, next week or never.  I’ve been a little sick the last few days and as I start feeling better it reminds me that it’s time to begin again.

I’m doing Ironman Louisville in August and this is probably the worst shape I’ve been in all year.  I haven’t run in December and plan to run a 1/2 marathon on trails in February.  Sooner sounds better than later for getting my shit together.  But it goes so much deeper.

One of my biggest fears about doing Ironman was the post-script.  What would I do after climbing the mountain?  The logical thing to do is look around for a while.  And that’s what I did.

The high of reaching such a pinnacle is undeniable.  I floated on a cloud for weeks.  I even did a 1/2 triathlon six weeks later without training a lick.  I was “An Ironman” nothing could stop me.

But as Winter approached that magical day in Madison faded into the cold.  I struggled with motivation and nagging injuries.  I neglected workouts with the same logic people use to cheat on their diets.  But deep down I have been afraid.  Afraid of losing what I built.

When you scale the mountain, you have to come down.  It can be a dangerous and rocky descent, but you don’t have a choice.  The bottom is the trickiest part because you can go anywhere you want, and usually that’s what we do.  But that mountain doesn’t move and those who are driven eventually turn around and scale it again.  Not because it is there, because that’s what we do.

I’ve been swimming a little and doing leg exercises, so I’m nowhere near square one, but to hit my goals for next year the race starts now.  Not tomorrow, next week or January 1st, but today. NEWYEARSDAY3

A big part of that for me is keeping my head straight with writing.  Not writing because I want other people to be interested, but writing so I understand this process.  I really believe this blog was at least 25% of the reason I did so well at Wisconsin.  Sorting through my thoughts was cathartic for my training.  It helped me step back and ask what was working and where I was missing out.  It helped me visualize the race on paper and, for me, that’s the best way to learn.

This will be my second post of the day and I can already feel the crust is falling off my bad attitude.  It’s 11:36 on December 23rd and I have the distinct feeling that New Years Day is already here.

2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions Start Now

  1. Kecia

    Awesome post Mike!! So many people focus on New Year’s Day as being their turning point, when really, the “New Year” can start on any given day. There is no time like the present to find your focus and challenge yourself to stick with it for 30 days…by then it will be habit again 🙂


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