Two Tweets Lead to a 10 Mile Swim

Funny how things happen.  I saw a tweet today from @blueseventy that said:   “10 mile swim in TN – why not?  We have an entry for the first person to tell us the winning time from last year #swimthesuck”

screen_shot_2011-11-25_at_medSwim The Suck is a 10 mile open water swim through Tennessee River Gorge and sorta sounds crazy and tempting at once.  But, there’s no way I could pull that one out of my ass, so I simply re-tweeted.

That’s when my coach @IMRBRUCE, jumped on board with this:  “@blueseventy 3:22:44!! I live in Nashville. Hook me up!”robbietweet

First of all, the winner swam 10 miles in 3:22?  Second of all, five minutes ago, my coach said BLUESEVENTY contacted him and he’s in the race.  And, oh, it’s this Saturday!

So, he’ll be doing a 10 mile swim on Saturday in Chattanooga, then driving to Alabama for Goosepond to do the swim portion of a 1/2 distance triathlon relay with us on Sunday.  Dude is gonna be straight up water-logged.  dsc_2978

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