What Now? #IMWI

Well, I have to admit, the glow has faded on Ironman Wisconsin and I can see how difficult it is to keep the train moving in the right direction.  For me, I think the next race is Rev3 in Anderson, SC.  They put on great races and it would be a good way to cap the year.  Not to mention, I think I have a good shot at qualifying for Age Group Nationals in Knoxville next May.

While I am a little sluggish after finishing a year-long-goal, I am also optimistic about the future.  The base is laid for a whole new level of racing in 2014.  Sub-12 Ironman, now what?  Sub-11 is where I’m leaning and, yes, I have decided to go after it at Louisville.  I was “this” close to pulling the trigger on Chattanooga, but didn’t want to sign up for my second before I did my first at Wisconsin.  And frankly, I was also “this” close to signing up for Wisconsin again.  I just have a hard time imagining any IM is more perfect for me.  Great fan support, awesome course, and right up the road from my family.  I just loved every single minute of that experience, including moments like this with my brother.  mikechrispsdNOLA 1/2 is in the mix, along with Muncie 70.3, and possibly Gulf Coast 1/2, which I hear great things about.  I’m also contemplating Rev3 in Wisconsin Dells in lieu of IMWI.  Or maybe Racine.  So many choices.

I guess I’m a little melancholy today, so I’d just like to say thanks for following this blog.  Your support and encouragement has been a driving force.

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