Ironman Wisconsin – 3 Days Later

I’m in Beloit, Wisconsin at my parents house, and will soon be making the Ironman-esque-9-hour-drive to Nashville. I haven’t had much time to write, but I’ve been fortunate to be around great friends and family who are insatiably curious about our experience in Ironman Wisconsin.

The questions flowed freely as we mowed down Tilly’s pizza and poured Wisconsin beer. My brother shot a ton of video and we all sat around and watched while Daniel and I fielded questions about how “that” felt or what were you thinking there?

One of the most remarkable things about this whole Ironman experience is the fact that, other than tenderness in my heal, I’m not even sore. I limped out of bed on Monday, but I almost feel like I could run The Nasty route with my running group, East Nasty, tonight if we got back in time. But I won’t and we probably won’t.

Speaking of my running group, I was humbled to be announced East Nasty of the Week the day after Ironman. You can find the article here.
Every week, this massive group positive people gathers in East Nashville to push themselves as runners and people. It’s really an amazing sight to see over 200 runners flow through neighborhood streets. I was very lucky to hook up with this group and honestly think running with them for the last year made the difference in my run at Wisconsin. mikerun

Speaking of the Ironman run, it was the most demanding physical feat of my life. I literally wanted to walk after every step I took, but I can honestly say, other than several short walks through the aid stations, I only walked up one short hill on the course at mile 18.

The furthest I’d run before Ironman was 14 miles. I kept waiting for the wall, but it never came. Not at mile 18 or 22 or 26. Somehow, someway, I ran my first marathon in 4:23, without stopping, at the end of an Ironman.

Anyway, time to hit the road. There will be numerous updates, including the race recap coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Ironman Wisconsin – 3 Days Later


    You’re giving me some hope…..I’ve done a couple 14milers and I’m about 7 weeks out from IMFL….never done the marathon thing before so I’m starting to get stressed. I’m not sure how far I’ll make it in training with the heat being so stubborn right now, but I’m guessing 16-17 maybe…it’ll be a mental battle for sure! Congrats on a fine fine day! 🙂

    1. Mike Post author

      It’s all mental! You’re ready… just be patient and find that place where you can keep going. I never pushed until the last mile. Steady as she goes…..take your time thru the aid stations and get what you need…. but oh… but that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna hurt 😉


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