Welcome To Wisconsin #IMWI

The plan was to leave Tuesday night at 6:00, stay in a hotel 4 hours out of Nashville, then be in Wisconsin by noon. It didn’t quite work out that way.

We ended up leaving Nashville around 7:00, had to eat, deal with the dog, and only made it about 3 hours and stayed in Marion, Illinois, which seems to have cornered the non-traditional tourism market by housing both a VA hospital and a prison. Wednesday drive took about six hours and we got to Wisconsin about 3:30.welcome to wis

Rolled into my parents and, as luck would have it, there was a swim meet going on at the public pool I could literally see from my bedroom as a child. I walked over and got a little pre-race motivation from the kids. beloit pool

Dad manned the grill and turned out some amazing burgers before we settled down at in the War Room and went over mom’s plans for the Ironman spectators. maps central

So, anyway, honestly, I love my mother, but her computer is really testing my patience right now, so I will soon be in Madison, and give a couple more updates before Sunday. Thanks for hanging around all year and I can assure you this blog will continue after the race. I just learned 29 people from our training team are signed up for IM Chattanooga next year, so there will be endless fodder.

As always, I’d like to give a special thanks to my Uncle Kenny.

1 thought on “Welcome To Wisconsin #IMWI

  1. jnkmiles.org

    We lived in Columbus, Ohio, Kasnas City, Mo and Coumbia, MO (not in that order) early in our marrigae and driving back and forth we’d drive through Effingham, Il and see the signs for the prison (and to not pick of hitchhikers…lovely), just South….in Marion. I always remember thinking, “don’t break down here…”
    Have wonderful race….I can’t wait to hear about it….have you given us your bib # yet???


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