Ironman Louisville – Friday Night

Fellow Fab 5’er, Daniel, and I just had a little dinner at Bearno’s Pizza.  I ordered a family salad and we each had individual pizzas.  Then we walked over to Ironman headquarters at the Galt House and found THIS on the IM registration table! photoMore than a little bummed at the moment.

The mood here is calm.  Didn’t see too many racers traipsing about, but did get a look at the mighty bridge that will not be a part of this year’s run course.  I think it’s a fair trade for the heat this town keeps pouring on the athletes.  Even tonight, the warm winds had me reaching to take my shirt off.  photo-4

Yeah, we went looking for some action at the Galt House, but didn’t see much other than this hook-n-ladder cruising the strip.  I reasoned the mayor must have thought these guys were slacking and told them to go put out some fires. photo-1Inside the Galt House, it was a bit festive and Thelma’s Coffee House was clearly open, but nobody was working.  Daniel graciously volunteered to serve many of the sleepy competitors. photo-5The practice swim is from only from 8-10!  And this will not be wetsuit legal.  photo-2If you’re caught in the river before 8 or after 10  you will be disqualified and escorted out of town in this horse drawn fairy tale.  photo-7

I really love this town for some reason.  I think it’s because it’s so damn cool, but not packed.  There are tons of great buildings and cool little places, but it still feels undiscovered.  Not to mention, there are a ton of possibilities, and 1,000s of athletes will soon be exploring them.  photo-6

1 thought on “Ironman Louisville – Friday Night

  1. Robert Fernandez

    Louisville was no be my first IM having completed IM Racine 70.3 last year. Bike accident during a century ride on July 13 left me with a broken clavicle, two fractured ribs and a dislocated thumb. Signed up to volunteer at IMAZ this November with hope to get in IMAZ next year. May (will) consider doing Louisville next year also. Have a good race; vicariously I will be there!


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