Track The Fab 5 at Ironman Wisconsin #IMWI

It’s official, we are all signed up for GPS trackers at Ironman Wisconsin, so, if you care, you’ll be able to follow our journey in real time with the My Athlete app.  It’s free.

The Fab 5

Daniel Hudgins – Bib #1112

Kevin Gammon – Bib #1284

Mark Scrivner – Bib #2109

Jim Schwan – Bib #2448

Mike Tarrolly – Bib #2705fab5mural

The app is pretty cool and shows athletes moving along the course.  We would love it if you happened to catch some video on your phone and send it to us later to help with our documentary.  I’ll have a server address.

Please pass along this link to anyone you know who will be spectating Ironman Wisconsin and have them contact me if they’d like more information on how they can help with the film. I will also be posting an update on what everyone will be wearing so it’s easier to pick us out.  Thanks for your help.

My email is:

Day 16 Lesson from Neighbor James – Man, you start forgettin’ what day it even is.  Could be Thursday or might be Tuesday.  Don’t matta.  You know what TIME it is.  It time to put on that big ole’ watch and run your little white ass down the block a few times.

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