The Fab 5 Has An Ironman “Scout” . . . My Mom

These last few weeks before Ironman are getting interesting.  I can literally feel the level of excitement rising and I don’t imagine it will diminish.  But I think it’s even more noticeable in the people who have been hearing me spew my BS for the last 8 months or so.  Ironman, this, Ironman, that.  And one of those people bubbling with anticipation is my mom.

For example, I wake up this morning and find this picture waiting on my phone.


Yes, that’s my mother, standing next to the Ironman Wisconsin bike transition three weeks before the race.  I had no idea she was taking her position as “Race Scout” so seriously.

Mom has already inspected my lodging quarters and stepped-off the distance from the hotel lobby to the Swim Start.   She’s also combed her Rolodex for Madison connections, which has landed her insider parking on the bike course and access to a pontoon in Lake Monona if necessary.  And last, but not least, she is collecting orders for Crushing Iron gear for Fab 5 supporters on race day.

We talked this morning and her excitement for Ironman is contagious.  As if it were possible, I may even be even more jacked about the race after our 20 minute phone call.  We discussed everything from shuttling in and around Verona down to downloading Athlete Tracker on her “smart phone.”

It is going to be so great to have my family on the course for this race.  Since I moved to Nashville our visits have been too far between.  Joining my mom will be dad, my brother, Chris, and my sister, Amy, who is flying in from Dallas.

It’s a little emotional just thinking about seeing them on the course.  More than once I have been on a long training run and imagined crossing the finish line, which, at the right moment chokes me up — even if I am deep in isolation on a dark and rainy night in Shelby Bottoms green way.  I can’t imagine the myriad of emotions waiting when I see my family and friends waiting after 140.6 miles.

The day has already played in my mind dozens of times and I’m sure mom has done the same.  It would be interesting to see how are versions differ.  We know she’s a passionate weed puller, but how will she handle a day of passively watching her son climb a mountain?

As far as I know, she is still in Madison combing State Street for the perfect perch or prodding for top secret info on spectating Ironman Wisconsin.  And I can tell by her enthusiasm she won’t rest until she is given full access to transition and the finisher’s shoot.


19 Days Out Lesson – Neighbor James – I know u hear what I’m sayin, but it ain’t sinkin in… look at u chewin on them little energy candy packs like they gonna help u mow the lawn faster.  Listen up!

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