Living for the Moment #IMWI

I don’t know about you, but I think about Ironman a lot.  Like, 20 times a day since I signed up.  Well, maybe not every day, but it’s certainly omnipresent.  To make matters worse, today I am thinking about how much I think about that thought.

This year has been an absolute blast mixed with a hell burning fire.  And what a great combination.  With each day it gets harder to not look ahead and that is exactly why I am trying to be more focused on living in the moment.

Yes, hundreds of hours have been put toward one goal.  Yes, it has been difficult to get up at 5 am and go cycling or swim in a lake 2-3 times a week.  I have been run down, ragged, and missing enticing social events, but it is 100% worth the sacrifice.  Especially if I keep the race in perspective.

Make no mistake, I am going to race.  I have goals and want to crush that beast.  But I’m also ready to savor every moment leading up to September 8th.  The aches, the pains, the impatience, the satisfaction.  It is all part of a journey I don’t want to forget.

I honestly think I may get choked up (preferably not by Racer K) while I float and wait for the cannon.  Then, I will casually throw the first stroke with my right arm and navigate into a sea of chaos with thousands of other people who have sacrificed so many things to be in that water.  The training year will likely flash before my eyes and I am quite sure I will smile, and yes, even if someone is kicking me in the face.

It will likely be the toughest day of my life and I am ready to welcome the pain into my body.  The miles are in, now, it’s a battle with my mind.  And I know there will be many times during the run that I ask myself, “Why?  Why would you put yourself through this?”

I’m doing it because I have never felt more alive.  I am pushing myself to live, and the long, hard hours give me a daily jolt, whether I like it or not.1186671_494756423948502_456647400_n

I can see how Ironman gets addictive.  You reach amazing places by pushing yourself to the limit.  Each day is a different challenge, but I can’t think of many better ways to watch the sun rise than a swimming in a big body of open water or sweating in the serenity of in nature.

I’m training for the biggest challenge of my life, but I’m living for today.  Stepping back to appreciate the little things along the way.  And on race day, I will do the same, it will just be in front of a lot more people.

1 thought on “Living for the Moment #IMWI

  1. Steena

    I can relate with so much of this, I can’t believe we’re so close to race day! While I just want to GET there & DO IT, it’s important to be patient and enjoy the remaining journey there.


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