The Fab 5, One Month from Ironman Wisconsin

It’s one day over a month away from Ironman Wisconsin so I thought I would report the current status for the Fab 5 along with +1 and +2.

HDRef_CreditSqueeze_36923_701Daniel just got back from Colorado where he waltzed into the epicenter of triathlon training and crushed Boulder 70.3.  He negative split the 1/2 marathon and ended with a 1:41:32 on the run and an overall time of 5:09:23.  He has put us all on notice with that effort and strung together a remarkable race portfolio this summer, with at least one more before IMWI.  His mood has been steady and his love for the sport palpable.  I think he is more than ready for Wisconsin and will likely add it to a long list of stellar performances.

1010592_10200864320502597_1028552716_nJim recently posted a picture of himself at work and is still flying high from a Psychedelic Furs concert.  He’s also been taking FULL advantage of his role as Social Chairman for my above ground pool.  In fact, some say he may be abusing his power!  Jim’s been nursing a couple injuries, but seems to be climbing over the hump and gearing for the race of his career.  He’s a cagey veteran in this sport and I’m fully expecting him to peak at the right time.  I’m also super stoked to have him visit my homeland and celebrate a year of training with some brats, cheese, and a beer.

wisconsinswimMark is totally pumped this week, but I think it’s been because his daughter just started school.  He’s also extremely busy at work with merger/acquisition stuff and I fully believe he has his hands in the recent purchase of the Washington Post.  With all of that he just continues to hammer workouts.  We did Muncie 70.3 together and he recently set a PR in the Music City Olympic.  It seems like his injuries are behind him, or certainly under control, and like us all, he is just counting the days.  We’ll be staying in the same hotel in Madison and I am banking on him for a wake up call race morning.

252345_10101363496434081_47966115_nKevin.  Well, he’s a tough read.  I sense that he has been recovering from the injuries that kept him down at Muncie.  He been tenacious as ever at open water swims and hitting the Trace with equal vigor.  He’s been relatively silent on his progress as of late, but the fact that he has only missed one open water swim all season is a pretty good hint that he will be attacking Lake Monona like a shark looking for salt.

mikesleepMe?  Well, I’m pretty much going with the flow, but have to admit the butterflies are starting to churn.  It’s just all so weird.  Your endurance keeps building, but it’s hard to gauge because it’s gradual.  Obviously I can go more than I could in January, but sometimes I feel like I can’t go as far as I could last week.  I’m actually looking forward to the upcoming weeks from hell, then curious to see what happens in the taper.

Allie is dealing with a shoulder issue, but seems poised to tackle her THIRD half of the year down in Venice.  She celebrated an important birthday recently and seems to be handling it well.  She’s also super jacked about a new bike fit.  1016908_10100156619485483_1984582996_nAnd Wasky?  Well, if this picture is any indication, he is more than ready for Louisville.  59694_10101221226374480_691182772_n

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