Want a Tough Marathon?

Registration opened today for the Flying Monkey Marathon.  But simply registering doesn’t mean you will get to experience the pain.  Demand is high and they use a weighted lottery system.

I was out there last year and it is quite a sight watching hundreds of people stagger across the finish line.  I have thought about doing it this year after Ironman, but after witnessing the pain on a lot of these people’s faces, I’m still not sure.  But we have a week to decide.

Our own Racer K even slugged it out with the hills last year at “The Monkey.”
This is how it works (taken from their website):

PAY ATTENTION: Registration for 2013 will involve a weighted lottery via the registration website, below. The registration website will be open for one week. That is, you will have one week to put your name in the hat. After this weeklong period closes, we will use a weighted lottery to select those who will have the misfortune of running the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon this Fall. If selected to run your credit card will be charged $80, and we will notify you of your poor luck. If you are not selected to run, you can thank your lucky stars.

Approximately 300 runners will be selected to run the marathon through the weighted lottery.

Registration for the weighted lottery will begin on August 1, 2013 at 8AM Central Daylight Time. Registration for the lottery will close on August 8, 2013 at 8am. The lottery to be held a short time later.

Please note: there will also be an option to make donations to the Friends of Warner Parks, which will allow you to bypass the lottery and get right in. These options will be available on a first come, first served basis. Details are provided on the registration website, which will be linked below when registration opens.

When registration opens, you can Click Here to access online registration.

Oh, and all the usual stuff applies. That is, please bring an ID with you to packet pickup. It is reasonable to bring your confirmation email. We will not be offering refunds if you do not start, do not finish, do not have fun or do not PR. Or really for any other reason. You may not transfer your registration. To repeat, no refunds, no transfers. Since registration is capped, yours may keep out another runner. Therefore, we ask that you show up ready to run on race morning. If you cannot make it, please try again next year. Regardless, we will offer you a good run.

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