Ironman Wisconsin Will Be My First Marathon #IMWI

As I inch closer to Ironman Wisconsin, I have one major question gnawing at my insides:

Will the fact that I probably won’t run more than 16 miles (ever) be a problem on the marathon?

I am trusting the hell out of this process and one reason is . . . I have no choice. 

From Day 1 of Ironman Training (sometime around January 3rd) I have had to reel in my training.  I simply wasn’t prepared for the intensity and made a few mistakes early on just to save face. 

For example, we had early training rides (indoors) of 3 and 4 hours scheduled in February and I reluctantly suffered through them, even though my longest ride in many many years was an Olympic race (or thereabouts) of one hour and twenty minutes. 

After several post-ride collapses that included long naps and limping around the house, I decided to implement a new strategy.  I said to myself, “Self, if there are times when you feel you ‘could’ finish a long workout, but know it will put you down for a couple days, walk away on top.” 

So, that’s what I started doing in the pool, on the bike, and on runs.  If my workout was starting to feel like a detriment to my body, I would save myself.  Four thousand meter swims became 2,500, four hour bikes turned into 2 1/2.  Two hour runs, 1.5.  But, the difference was, I always made the workouts count from an intensity perspective. 

I had to remember that I literally just started running last year and other than some light biking and swimming over the last decade, the thought of doing Ironman Distance was laughable. 

The other day I expressed concern to my coach about my running history, or more accurately lack of history.  He simply said, “Stay the course.”  And I trust that opinion.

Instead of panicking into long distances I have focused on a gradual, consistent build knowing that as I approach my first Ironman, I had to be at peace with patience.  Trust the process and shine for one day. 

Last night as I was running my planned 90 minutes (which turned out to be about 80), I added up the mileage.  Sunday was an hour Monogetti run (sprint workout) of about 8 miles, Monday was around an 8 mile hill explosion, and last night was about 9 miles with some nice hills in the middle.  Tomorrow I have another Monogetti waiting and Saturday is a 45 minute brick run after 4 hours on the bike.  That’s will equate to around 30 miles of pretty intense running in 7 days. 

I have already given in to the fact that (aside from passing a kidney stone) the marathon will likely be the biggest test of pain tolerance in my life.  26.2 miles of pounding after the swim and bike.  I guess asking why I’d want to do it is a fair question and I think the answer lies somewhere in a quote I saw posted by Payge McMahon today: 



1 thought on “Ironman Wisconsin Will Be My First Marathon #IMWI


    Right there with ya’….IMFL will be my first marathon as well. I always said the only time I’d run 26.2 would be to finish 140.6 and I’ve remained VERY true to my word. I have no CLUE what my coach has in store for my longest “long” run. I prefer not to know, but if I had to guess based on where I am now about 90 days out….I’m guessing an 18-20 miler. Doesn’t matter though, nothing will be able to simulate what’s coming…
    Mind > Matter


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