Addiction, Perserverance, and Ultra Fitness

This isn’t actually about me for once, but I wanted to share this interview.  It’s with Rich Roll and his story is both fairly common and amazing at once.  Common because his life was (is) an addict and his life was burning out of control.  Amazing because he has morphed into what many say is “the fittest man in the world.”

More from Johathan Fields, here.

Rich’s website

1 thought on “Addiction, Perserverance, and Ultra Fitness

  1. bgddyjim

    Watched the whole thing… I started reading finding ultra because a friend recommended it – I got stuck at the whole vegetarianism thing (because there simply “ain’t no way”) and ended up putting the book down. I also don’t have the ultra bug, nor do I have even an inkling of desire to pursue that but one thing Rich said that stuck out big time: “I’m happier when I’m doing it”. That’s a perfect description of me. I need my one hour a day. I need the adventure of going out for a hundred miles or more on my bike, on my own. I’m a happier me when I’ve gotten my ride (or run in the winter) in. Great post. Thanks man.


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