There’s Something About Biking . . .

My last post was a glowing review of swimming, but this may not be so pleasant.  I’ve spoke of it before, but biking continues to be a thorn in my a**.

We hit the Trace again today for a four hour ride, and of course I was late, so I sent the other guys rocking on their own.  They have a tendency to get impatient, but starting at 5:40 sharp is a challenge for me, especially considering it takes 30 minutes to get there!

Riding alone isn’t the problem, in fact, I kind of enjoy it that way.  I had my GoPro camera set on my handle bars and was excited to get some great video of the gorgeous landscape.  I started rolling and about one mile in, the battery went dead.  I had a big giraffe looking set up, so I decided to put it back in the trunk.

So, I’m two miles in and haven’t gone anywhere.  But, I was out of bed, it was six am and very peaceful.  Maybe I would enjoy this after all?

I stopped at the 12 mile rest area and when I came out of the bathroom, Mark and Daniel just showed up to do their insane training.  Three separate bricks of 20 mile rides followed by 3 mile runs.  I hopped on with them for the first ten miles until they turned around and I kept going.

There’s something askew with my crank or bottom bracket, so every pedal was greeted with a little “clang.”  About 27 miles away from my car I decided enough was enough and turned around.  My legs were actually a little cashed at this point, likely because I did a hill workout less than 12 hours earlier, but that was honestly my favorite part.  I love to wrench my legs.  Break them down, build them back up.

It was supposed to be a “just ride,” but I have trouble with that because I typically just want the ride to be over quicker.  I’m hoping that pays off in races.

I think I may have figured out why I’m struggling with biking.  It’s basically a leg only operation.  Swimming is full body and running lets you move the arms, but cycling is legs, legs, legs.  Sore ass, ass, ass.  All of that is probably why I like Mountain Biking so much more than road work.  You’re in and out of the saddle more, you actually have to steer and use your arms, as well.

But it’s all good.  I’ve also decided I cannot stand flat tracks, so from here until Wisconsin it’s all about the hills.  Long, grinding climbs coupled with short explosive burst training on smaller, but steeper hills.  Engage me, bike.

On a separate note, here is a short video from Muncie where Jim and I are trying to decide if Wasky will beat Coach Robbie out of the water.  You also get a glimpse of the swim course and a special clip of my electrifying finish.

Plus, some photos from the day thanks to the talented Carolyn Wasky.  Enjoy my pink swim cap.


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