Introducing the Fab . . . 6?

Well, yesterday, I noticed a cryptic post on our Crushing Iron Facebook page from our coach that simply said, “Totally forgot to mention that Coach is doing this race with you guys. Sorry. Totally slipped my mind.”  Since it was so random I assumed he meant the sprint triathlon we’re doing next Sunday.  Nope.  All of this time, he was holding in a secret.  Coach Robbie will be racing with us at Ironman Wisconsin!robbiebruce_1354578921_28

My head spun a bit, then I had three reactions:

1. This dude can keep a secret!
2. Who will give me guidance and encouragement on the course?
3. I guess I will have to publicly humiliate my own coach

We’ve known all along that he would be in Madison on that fateful day as the Fab 5 scurries through the water in Lake Monona,vfiles9740 but I’d always assumed he’d be stripping my wet suit and dishing out GU.  Registration was full months ago, how could he hold that in?  How will he bounce back from Ironman Louisville and tackle the farmlands of Wisconsin in two weeks?  And I thought Racer K was enigmatic.

I didn’t really expect much coaching while on the course, and, if I don’t know what to do by race day, a Sergeant Carter type scream will do nothing for this lycra clad Gomer Pyle.  Now, I picture his coaching on September 8th will be something along the lines of “Good luck, boys.  I’ll catch you later,” as his shark-like swim techniques leave us in wake of seaweed.

Yes, he will be coming off an Ironman on August 25th and rebounding with another couple weeks of tapering.  Does this make him ripe for picking off?  Highly doubtful, but I know him well enough to know he’s throwing it out there as a challenge and one I will gladly accept.  I’ll take anything that helps push me to my goal, which is . . . well, I’m not quite ready to reveal that one yet, but I don’t expect coach Robbie to lose any sleep.

The bottom line in all of  this is . . . awesomeness.  The more the merrier and I am looking forward to this experience more than ever.  Our +1 Allison will be there as well, but if she surprises us with phantom entry to IMWI, I will be totally shocked.  Say it’s true, Allison!

Our coach’s work will be done.  It’s time for  the players to execute.  I anticipate dozens of people we know along the route and an entire army of cyber based Fab 6 supporters to push us up the hills and down State Street with energy we’ve never experienced.  Good luck, coach.  We’ll be gunning for you.


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